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Facebook Live versus Instagram Live

Facebook Live Versus Instagram Live

Recently, you have probably noticed more and more celebrities, experts, news stations, friends, and even brands “go live” on your News Feed. Social networking communities have been taken by storm with livestream videos, that are revolutionizing how we engage online with users in real time.

Two of the most popular platforms to “go live” are Facebook and Instagram. Our digital marketing agency in Boca Raton is breaking down the difference between Facebook and Instagram’s live video features, and discussing how livestreaming can boost social media engagement.

What Are Livestream Videos?

Livestream video allows for real-time broadcasting of video and audio content on social media. Viewers can stream live videos from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Livestreaming gained popularity when YouTube introduced YouTube Live in 2008, and many social media platforms have adopted the feature in the time since.

Why Incorporate Livestream Videos Into Your Marketing?

Live streaming videos is a way for brands to share more intimate experiences and build stronger relationships with audiences. Facebook and Instagram both offer great features for users to livestream. Determining which one is right for your brand will depend on several factors, such as your audience’s preferences, your goals for the video, and so on. You may find that utilizing both platforms is the best option for your strategy. As long as all live videos offer valuable content that is of interest to the different audience on the respective platform, you’re sure to find success with whichever platform you choose.

Facebook Live Videos

Though Instagram is owned by Facebook, Facebook Live entered the market first. The tool offers unique functions that set it apart from its counterpart, such as:

  • Ability to publish the video as a permanent post to your profile after it’s completed
  • Displays a headline and description of what your video is about
  • Users can use Facebook Reactions and comments to engage with video
  • Ability to promote links and relevant content in the comment section during your video
  • Can be recorded on a smartphone or desktop
  • Maximum broadcast length of 1.5 hours
  • Able to schedule videos up to a week in advance
  • Can tag relevant users
  • Filters and doodling options offered

Instagram Live Videos

Unlike Facebook Live, Instagram lacks a permanent save feature, instead capitalizing on truly being a live experience for viewers. Here are a few other ways Instagram live videos differ from those on Facebook:

  • Ability to publish to your story for 24 hours once it is over
  • Followers can easily find stories featured at the top of the feed
  • Users can like and comment on the video content
  • Can only be recorded on a smartphone
  • Maximum broadcast length of 1 hour
  • Video can be featured in the “Explore” section
  • Ability to pin comments

Tips to Start a Livestream Video

Ready to go live? Here are some helpful tips for filming your first livestream video:

  • Have a plan. You should always go into your live video with an organized plan of what you’ll be filming. Posting about the session in advance is advisable, as this lets your followers plan to tune in.
  • Practice storytelling. Storytelling is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged and stay tuned into your stream. Select an informative topic and discuss key points in an exciting way to keep users interested.
  • Interact with your audience. Stay engaged with your audience by responding to their comments in real time.
  • Publish your live video once it’s over. Once your live video stream has come to an end, publish it to your news feed or story to extend its reach. This way, viewers who weren’t able to watch or those who want to view it again can have that luxury.

Live videos are the perfect opportunity for your company to engage with users, reach new audiences and instantly connect with consumers. To learn more about how we can take your social media strategy to the next level, give our digital marketing agency in Boca Raton a call today to schedule a free consultation on your marketing efforts!

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