Don’t Lose Your Digital Identity In a Rebrand

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don't lose your identity during a rebrand

Don’t Lose Your Digital Identity In a Rebrand

There are many considerations to take into account when rebranding your company. Of these, social media and web presence are too often an afterthought. Some mistakenly believe introducing a rebrand online is as simple as slapping a new logo on your Facebook profile, or merely launching a new site and hoping people will notice. What’s worse, some companies fail to address the rebrand online at all.

Our team knows a thing or two about the rebranding process, and the digital sphere is where we shine. Here are some tips inspired by recent, high-profile examples to help you control your digital identity during and after a rebrand.

How to Address Your Online Presence When Rebranding

When it comes to altering your online presence during a rebrand, you may want to take note of the approach often taken by celebrities and influencers: wipe the slate clean. Take Taylor Swift’s recent reinvention of herself, for instance (if you’ve been living under a rock, you can read all about it here. To promote the release of a new single, a “new Taylor,” and her upcoming album, she made a move that has become rather popular in the music industry; she deleted the content from every social media profile she owns. She even took her website down for a brief time, completely removing the “old Taylor” from the internet. It was a bold move, but one that certainly seems to be paying off.

Consistency is Key

Now, we aren’t suggesting that you completely remove yourself from the digital world as you transfer to a new brand. In fact, doing so and then rebounding successfully requires a level of prominence that the average business simply does not have. That said, what we can learn from this move is if you’re going to rebrand, it’s important to cover all of your bases and ensure your messaging is consistent across every medium. This means not only making sure old names, logos or information aren’t lurking online, but also addressing your shift in content produced.

Sometimes, it makes sense to delete content that does not resonate with your new brand. If you are altering your name or the services you offer, this should be made clear with information that no longer reflects your company being removed from the internet. Taylor Swift’s softer look of the past would look pretty silly in her Instagram feed alongside the edgier photos she’s been posting since her transformation. As with all things, consider how the user will interpret your old content, and adjust accordingly.

Our full-service South Florida advertising agency can help you through every step of the rebranding process, including launching your new look online. We’ll make sure nothing is overlooked, so that your new brand is an investment that truly pays off.

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