5 Profile Tweaks That Will Land You That Next Listing

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Profile Tweaks That Will Land You That Next Listing

5 Profile Tweaks That Will Land You That Next Listing

We’re well past the point of debating whether social media is worth a real estate agent’s time and effort, so we’ll keep the introductory lecture short. If you’re not on social media yet, it’s time to get onboard so you can begin building digital relationships with prospective clients, current clients, and fellow real estate professionals.

If you’ve already incorporated social media into your marketing strategy, there are still steps you can take to boost your efforts. In addition to enlisting a real estate marketing agency to help you ramp up your social media strategy, there are also some easy steps you can take yourself to #excel on social platforms. One of these, is ensuring your profiles are fully optimized to attract leads.

Here are five simple tweaks you can make to your social media profile that will land you that next listing.

1. Keep your bio short and sweet

When you’re trying to convince prospective clients to choose you for their next real estate transaction, it can be easy to go a bit overboard. However, your audience will respond better to a short bio that gets key details across quickly. On platforms like Twitter and Instagram, short bios are your only option. So, how do you write an effective bio? Ultimately, this will depend on your target market, but here are some tips:
Write in first-person — The goal of social media is to form personal connections, and that can’t be accomplished if it sounds like your bio was written by someone else (even if it was).
Address the reader — Instead of focusing on “me, me, me,” try incorporating your target audience’s needs into your bio.
Skip the accolades — These days, just about every agent ranks first for something, so use your bio to focus on more important things, such as the support you offer clients.

2. Remember keywords

Using keywords in your social media profile serves two purposes. First, it clearly communicates your profession, as well as your areas of specialty and service. Second, it boosts your chances of appearing in search results when users look for profiles with those keywords. SEO basics are not exclusive to websites, after all. It should play a prominent role in every aspect of your digital strategy.

3. Carefully select your images

Let’s start with your profile image. Even if you’re not utilizing a particular social media platform for professional purposes, selecting a professional profile photo is a must. Chances are, your prospective clients will come across your profile at some point, and you want to make a good impression. Instead of choosing a blurry selfie or that photo from the bar, opt for a professional headshot that shows your personality.

As for cover images, simplicity is your friend. Rather than overloading the image with text, choose one that aligns with your brand and tone. Also, be sure to take note of the platform’s size requirements. No matter how well it’s designed, no cover photo is effective if it’s being skewed or cut off on mobile devices. Since tackling this issue can be difficult for those who lack design experience, it may be best to seek out a real estate marketing agency to produce your social media images — especially if logos or text need to be incorporated.

4. Don’t forget contact information

If you have followed every tip up to this point and have started posting quality content, you’re bound to begin drawing attention from prospective clients. However, without prominent contact information, the chances of these individuals turning into leads are slim to none. At the very minimum, you should have a link to your website on every social media profile. For profiles that allow for more characters, we strongly recommend including a phone number, email address, and even physical address if you have an office. The easier you make it for people to contact you, the more likely they are to do so. Of course, once they do, be sure to respond promptly to both online and offline communication.

5. Utilize platform-specific features

For business profiles in particular, there are many features available to increase your profile’s effectiveness. For instance, all platforms offer a space to showcase your website. Be sure to make the most of it. On platforms like Instagram, this might mean using that space to link to a particular property page or blog post, since linking out is not possible within Instagram posts themselves. Facebook and Instagram also offer call-to-action buttons that allow users to get in touch with just one click. You also have the opportunity to select a category for business accounts, and choosing the right one is key for appealing to the right audiences. While Twitter lacks this feature, it does allow you to choose a theme color for your profile, so be sure to select one within your color palette to enhance brand recognition.

Need some help making these changes, or simply looking to learn more about how you can enhance your social media presence? That’s where we come in. Schedule a free consultation today to get started.

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